Handheld billing machine

best handheld billing machine

The VCare Hand held Billing machine / spot billing machine  is packed with State-of-the-art communication It can even have barcode data collection functionality, It is a sleek, lightweight and rugged design, making it perfect for robust mobile applications for various applications  like Payment collection ( dealer / distributor sales bill  generation and  payment collection  ) Sales payment collection, Sales bill generation, Ticketing applications  ( bus , Train  and others), Transportation applications like bus ticketing HHT’s, Data store, Parking billing machine, Spot billing machine, Hand held Billing machine, GSM based Hand held billing machines, Logistics and parcel delivery. 

handheld Billing machine

WeP BP-PRO is indigenously designed and aimed at simplifying transactions. Introducing WeP BP-PRO Handheld Thermal Billing Printer integrated with variety of applications and customized to suit different businesses. WeP BP-PRO is indigenously designed and aimed at simplifying transactions

HHT Balaji

It can be used as Parking Billing , collection of payment for electricity Bills, Bus ticketing , payment collection for financial institutions , parking solutions .

softland HHT

Ticketing Solutions for Bus, Taxi, Auto Etc, Sales Force Automation / Van Sales Billing Order Booking,Tracking, Spot Billing, Solution for on-the-Spot Fine Generation, Payment Collection Solution, Parking Management Solution, Loyalty Card Management, Wireless Queue Management Solution, Micro finance Payment Collection System And the LIST CONTINUES....

Andriod HHT

Android HHT can be used with software for various applications, parking, retail billing , Restaurant billing , Bus Ticketing .........